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can arrange for you to host your website on fast US-based Internet servers, providing you with fast, reliable access to the European, US and Pacific Rim markets.

Site hosting costs are based on the size of the site and the bandwidth* used per month by the site. Typical site hosting costs can be as little as £7 per month.

The host we recommend provides 7Gb monthly bandwidth* , Full CGI, PHP, unlimited MySQL databases, free redirects and email forwarding withing its base hosting package.

For business use it is advisable to get a unique internet (or domain) address for your company. Domain name registration costs are based on whether you want a general:


internet address, or a regionally specific address such as:

Depending upon the type of domain name required, registration can be as low as £30 for a 2 year registration.

Please contact us with any enquiries for these services.

*Bandwidth is the term used to describe the volume of information that is transmitted from the website to the enquirers. Typical bandwidth costs start at £1.50 per 100 Mb of traffic per month over the 7 Gb monthly allowance.

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