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NEW 35mm Negative/transparency to CD scanning service!

have the facilities to use your images to enhance your website or to produce high quality images onto CD for you.

Using a professional specification Minolta 35mm transparency/negative scanner we can produce high quality images onto CD for you. Choose from several formats including JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP with a resolution up to 2428 dpi which produces publication quality images of up to 8 Megapixels and TIFF file sizes of up to 49MB.

 1-12 images per session £2.50 per image + £1 for each CD used
 13 - 24 images per session £2.30 per image + £1 for each CD produced
 24- 36 images per session £1.99 per image + £1 for each CD produced
 Larger orders Contact us for a quotation
Return of slides and CD to customer will be charged at actual cost of service requested by customer + £1.00.
e.g. Recorded or Registered Post, Courier etc.


Important Notice

  1. We will NOT arrange for undeveloped films to be developed by ourselves. All film sent to us MUST already have been developed.
  2. Any material which may be of an illegal nature under UK law will be refused for processing.
  3. ALL material will be returned to you after processing and NO copies of the material will be held by Retiarius after processing.
  4. All scans of images will be deleted from our systems once burnt satisfactorily onto CD. Retiarius can offer to keep a copy of the images until such time as the CD is satisfactorily received by the customer - please notify us if this is your wish.
  5. The return of slides/negatives etc. is at customers' own risk.
  6. Time will not be of the essence in any transaction unless specifically agreed in writing prior to the contract being placed.



We can also scan colour photographs, drawings and monochrome images up to A4 size to CD at the same costs shown above. The scanner is capable of interpolating up to 9600 dpi to enhance even the smallest original images.

All images can be modified and enhanced using the latest software and can be treated with a variety of special effects if required.

From thumbnails which act as buttons:



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To Full Size Images

with or without text and special effects



We can 'watermark' your images digitally using hidden DigiMarc coding so that they can be identified as being yours, even if they have been altered and cropped. This means that the copyright of the image can be determined if it is illegally used on another site.

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