can produce RealAudio®, RealVideo®, Quicktime® WMV, AVI and .wav files from your video audio sources.

A .wav file of only a section of 2 minutes in length, recorded using PCM at 11,025 Hz in mono produced a file of 1.293 Mb in size.

A RealAudio® file of 3 mins 32 seconds in length, recorded at 20,000 Hz is only 551 kb in size.

The major advantage of using streaming RealAudio® is that the file does not have to be completely downloaded before your customer can listen to it, the data is streamed to them almost immediately for real-time listening.

A further advantage is that, because the data is streamed in real-time, it is not stored on the customer's computer. This makes it difficult to illegally copy and distribute the audio data.

The quality of RealAudio® is similar to an FM radio broadcast. RealAudio® is eminently suitable for publishing your audio data for people to preview (musicians, budding pop groups, folk groups, singers etc.) or for use on pay-to-listen websites.

You can listen to a RealAudio® stream demonstration by clicking here.

The RealAudio® player can be obtained free from here

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