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can undertake to design and deliver to you a website complete with full transfer of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) so that you own the HTML coding for your site. This permits you to either modify the code yourself or to have another person do so on your behalf. A surcharge of between 40% and 60% of the development costs is charged for release of the IPR.

can also undertake to modify or extend existing websites (as long as the IPR is owned by you) incorporating additional features if required.

As these services are bespoke, the cost will negotiated and agreed prior to any work commencing.

No additional sums will be requested if we have underestimated the amount of work involved, you are a valued customer, not a victim to be held to ransom!

are skilled in the production of PHP Active Server pages which can be used to integrate a site with a MySQL database to give a fully interactive information collection and display system. Retiarius have developed several of these systems for clients.

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